Peoples Militia of Malton

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Title: My online notepad
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1st December - 11:58 PM

C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun catches a glimpse of a woman, she cocks her BB shotgun and peeks around the corner, getting a decent look at her. 951 turns to the CP with her. "Hold outside with ###, I'm going to have a look for contraband."
UNIT nods, and heads outside.
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun flicks off the saftey and rounds the corner, her weapon raised. The woman before her is unarmed and wearing bulky clothing, yet beneath it the bulge is still visible.
Jennie ' Jen ' Blues: I-I...
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun: Spit it out.
Jennie ' Jen ' Blues: Please...
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun lowers her weapon, still holding it, but evidently not feeling threatened. Tamara begins to pace, thinking to herself. After an eternity she speaks."As- as a captain in the Combine Civil Authority, it is my responsibility to make decisions which benifets my superiors - but..." She continues to pace, silencing herself again, choosing her words carefully. Finally she stops, reaching up as if going for her radio, but instead removes her helmet, allowing her middle length red hair to spill out, her fringe covering her left eye before raising up to her forhead on a slight gradient "As a person, it is my moral obligation to think, and act humanely. How far along are you?"
Jennie ' Jen ' Blues: Ab-about eight and a half weeks
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun: Hmm...I'm sure it was a damn huge were still a resident of City-18 then?
Jennie ' Jen ' Blues: Yes...
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun slings her shotgun over her shoulder, relaxing her stance. She chuckles to herself, humorlessly. "I'm going to keep my trap shut on this one, because quiet frankly I'm thrilled for you and despise the Combine for the fact that I-" She sighs. "Once you give birth you're going to need to run, if it comes to it I can try to organise people to stay away from a gate for five minutes. I hope all goes well for you - stay safe." She tosses her hair back and replaces her helmet, a smile visible before the cold steel envelopes her face. 951 radios the units outside; "All clear?"
CPs: Yes ma'am
C18.CCA.CPT.70951.Kaleun: All right then, let's move out, there was nothing in here.